Hobbit – A Journey Through Middle Earth

Bringing Middle-earth to life with Warner Bros & Google Chrome.

Whether you’re a hobbit, wizard or dwarf (oh yeah, a human too) you can now relive all of the epic Middle-earth adventures, from Frodo’s journey to Mount Doom in The Lord of the Rings to Bilbo’s final battle in The Hobbit, in our Chrome Experiment – A Journey through Middle-earth.

After the release of A Journey through Middle-earth for “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug”, millions of people were excited and overwhelmed with our Chrome Experiment. It generated thousands of tweets and several discussions among fans and the tech community, yet there was one constant feedback among all of them – wishing that there was more detail to explore on the map.

Due to the positive reception, we were eager to revisit our Chrome Experiment to help expand and evolve our previous immersive experience with the ambition to capture the grandeur of all the films – including Lord of the Rings.

"This project showcases how a holistic approach with attention to user behavior, creative ambition, and technological advancement can create new value and audience relationship for entertainment and technology while pushing the mobile web forward." —Alfredo Aponte

We knew this level of ambition would undoubtedly attract very high expectations and we wanted to ensure we could support the experience with enough content that will satisfy all types of Hobbit fans and enthusiast.

Today, “A Journey Through Middle-earth” has become a record and a source of inspiration around the world that Peter Jackson has created while demonstrating what’s possible on the mobile Web.


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