Adidas Teamgeist

Introducing Germany's National Team to the world, made with adidas

Adidas Teamgeist - Case Video

In Spring 2009, adidas Germany contacted us for upcoming launch of the new German fed kit. As a kick-off for 2010 world cup activities, they wanted to create a digital centerpiece that establish adidas as the leading football brand – as well as create buzz around the launch of the new national team jersey.


We worked directly with adidas Germany,  and lead the entire  campaign. We developed the strategy, concept and execution. As we usually do, we turned to our friends to help us out with this gigantic project.


Rather than develop a hard selling campaign for the new jersey, we wanted to create an engaging and immersive experience where the new jersey became a symbol for something greater than just a national team. Our ambition was to establish the adidas national team jersey as a symbol for everything that football stands for; passion, emotions, belonging, expectations and history. Integrating our ideas seamlessly into the global theme/campaign developed by 180 was also a great challenge and was identified as a key to success.


We created a broad digital platform with a centerpiece in the form of a unique game experience. It takes place in a fantasy world where the user has to go back in time to save the German national team from losing their identity by finding the lost design elements of the new jersey. The platform also consisted of an augmented reality graphic novel, rich media banner campaign, a blog, viral films, Facebook fan page and a Facebook application – ”Be a part of the team”, where the users could see themselves in the new jersey.

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