Dollar Shave Club App

An app bringing your digital bathroom to life... and have it delivered to your front door.

North Kingdom was contacted to produce Dollar Shave Club first ever mobile app aimed at giving users full control of their orders while learning more about the products and bringing the brand to life.


We responded to the challenge with a service design methodology and made co-creation with the client a weekly habit.

A user centric approach was our priority, so we started by researching what type of people the app was aimed at and what would be their priorities:

Current members, interested in managing their subscription.
Young women, with a less than monthly subscription, interested in complementary Dollar Shave products rather than razors.
Non members, who want to discover the Dollar Shave world, need to be guided through the process of onboarding to culminate in their first check-out.

These considerations led to a modular storefront where different pieces of content are displayed depending on the status of the user. Tapping on one of them causes it to shift up and expand, giving prominence and extra space to the product image.

The balance between functionalities related to the subscriptions and informative content like the blog, makes it an ideal tool to have on your smartphone.



For what regards the process, the North Kingdom team worked in weekly sprints with Dollar Shave Club team, making co-creation with the client a weekly habit. Such regular encounters created a powerful environment where ideas could be presented, tested and iterated and where the two teams influenced each other. In fact, North Kingdom worked on the app at the same time with the re-design of the desktop experience carried out by the Dollar Shave team themselves.

Since the early meetings, it was clear that the check-out process was not surprisingly the most tricky one. Here we analysed the current website experience looking at user data, small scale testing and research to highlight the points where users were more likely to jump off. From those, we tried to understand why these were pain points and how to transform them for the good of the users.

Sketches lead to wireframes first and then to an interactive prototype, in order to get a bigger picture of the user flow and making it easy to pass it around for testing.

"It can't get any better or easier to manage your orders and account!"
—App Store Review

One of the features which was introduced at this point is the possibility to scan a credit card for payment, rather than inserting all the data manually which is a source of frustration for users, as well as of errors. Every feature and detail is aimed at saving user time. Another example is the order in which inserting the delivery address. By prompting the user to input the ZIP code first, the system can automatically fetch city and state, avoiding 2 fields of manual typing.



From a design point of view, we worked with the insight and the ambition to make the app world feeling as physical as possible. This was achieved through every detail of the app, from the picture style, to the language and including of course animations.

One of the places where the insight comes best to life is “The Box”, central to the Dollar Shave Club brand identity.

When the user is happy with the order and ships it, the box physically closes and leaves the screen.

The app is available in the US since August 2015 and has been featured for 2 weeks on iTunes.