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“Slope Stars” – VR Game

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Happy Meal in Sweden, McDonald's Sweden developed Happy Goggles. By folding the Happy Meal box, customers could create a pair of Virtual-Reality glasses which made it possible to experience the VR game "Slope Stars" with a smartphone.
The Swedish “Sportlov” recreational holiday, is the time of the year when children in Sweden have one week off to enjoy winter sports. To tie a VR experience to this, DDB Stockholm partnered up with North Kingdom and developed the 360° VR ski game "Slope Stars” (in Swedish “Se upp i backen”). This game was both educational and fun; allowing kids and their parents to enter a world of fantasy and how to stay safe in the ski slopes. The aim was to help kids understand the need to be alert on the slopes and avoid obstacles – including other skiers.

split_eng At North Kingdom has always been fascinated by exploring how it is possible to create entertaining and engaging experiences using the latest technology. We are incredibly proud to be part of the creation of the first commercial VR experiences and making VR accessible to as many people as possible. In this case, we also knew that it most likely would be the first time the users came in contact with VR and we needed to carefully customize the game mechanics for it. The game concept is a first person POV ski game where you ski downhill an infinite slope and turn left or right to avoid hitting the obstacles along the way. The final score is calculated and based on how long you manage to ski without crashing. By using Gyro technology and a pair of Happy Goggles the experience gets truly realistic and it feel that you actually is behind a pair of ski goggles.  
"Slope stars" was officially endorsed by the Swedish alpine ski team.
From a UX and design perspective, it is more challenging to design for VR experiences than for traditional games, because you need to take into account both human perception and cognition. It must be easy to understand how to interact and it all comes down to finding the right difficulty level. Our goal was to make sure that the users would not feel that they were just "passengers" in the game but that they would feel like they were active "skier" and had control over their movements and actively anticipating what they were about to experience. It was also important to create easy onboarding and make the rules of the game clear and simple. To do that we conducted several user tests with the little players. We evaluated the experience in terms of fun and engagement, comprehensiveness and ease of use. This helped us create a carefully tailored enjoyable game for the target group of Happy Goggles.   SPLIT_HIGH_RES 3DAnimals_background The headsets and the game was available in selected Swedish McDonald’s restaurants between 5-6 March 2016.   DDB Stockholm developed the strategy, design and packaging. North Kingdom Stockholm created the VR experience. Prime was handling publicity.