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Working at North Kingdom means being part of a team-based culture where diverse talents bring different perspectives and are empowered to act on their combined ideas. Our team consists of passionate, curious, and caring people from 15 different countries around the world. Join us!

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Interested in joining us? Most of our positions are within our four core disciplines - design, development, production, and UX - which together ensure that we design meaningful experiences for global clients such as Google, Snapchat, Disney, EF, and LEGO. But no matter the role, we always look for unique individuals who bring new perspectives to our teams. We believe that diversity and inclusion strengthen our work and industry, and we strongly consider this in our recruitment. Check out our available positions to see if we’re looking for someone like you!

    Working in Skellefteå

    Skellefteå (pronounced Shell-eff-teh-oh) is a small town in the north of Sweden, just under the Arctic Circle. During winter, the sun barely peaks above the horizon. But in the summer, the daylight never ends.

    Why is it special?

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    When we’re not at the office, you might find us out in the forest, on an ice rink, or taking a stroll around the river.

    Skellefteå is where North Kingdom was founded in 2003 and still maintains its headquarters. We love it because it’s a place where you can appreciate silence and be in close contact with nature. And being on the sidelines, away from the big cities, means that people who live here naturally develop a uniquely creative and practical spirit. If something isn’t available or doesn’t exist, why not just build it?

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    Will you dare to take a dip in the ice-cold water?

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    To keep the inspiration flowing, we invite brilliant guests to come speak at our office for a learning lunch.

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    And yes, in the winter you can see the Northern Lights!

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