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Working at North Kingdom means being part of a team-based culture where diverse talents bring different perspectives and are empowered to act on their combined ideas. Our team consists of passionate, curious, and caring people from 15 different countries around the world. Join us!

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Interested in joining us? Most of our positions are within our four core disciplines - design, development, production, and UX - which together ensure that we design meaningful experiences for global clients such as Google, Snapchat, Disney, EF, and LEGO. But no matter the role, we always look for unique individuals who bring new perspectives to our teams. We believe that diversity and inclusion strengthen our work and industry, and we strongly consider this in our recruitment. Check out our available positions to see if we’re looking for someone like you!

Working in Skellefteå

Skellefteå (pronounced Shell-eff-teh-oh) is a small town in the north of Sweden, just under the Arctic Circle. During winter, the sun barely peaks above the horizon. But in the summer, the daylight never ends.

Why is it special?

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When we’re not at the office, you might find us out in the forest, on an ice rink, or taking a stroll around the river.

Skellefteå is where North Kingdom was founded in 2003 and still maintains its headquarters. We love it because it’s a place where you can appreciate silence and be in close contact with nature. And being on the sidelines, away from the big cities, means that people who live here naturally develop a uniquely creative and practical spirit. If something isn’t available or doesn’t exist, why not just build it?

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Will you dare to take a dip in the ice-cold water?

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To keep the inspiration flowing, we invite brilliant guests to come speak at our office for a learning lunch.

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And yes, in the winter you can see the Northern Lights!

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Skellefteå’s nearby islands are an ideal and beautiful place to gather our global team, like we did in 2017.


Back-end developer, Skellefteå

North Kingdom is known for creative frontend work with focus on design, animation and user experience. We have a strong network of partners for managing larger backends and hosting infrastructure, but now we have a need for strengthening our internal team with this competence as well.

Front-end Developer, Skellefteå

Calling out to all Front-end Developers who are looking for a new tribe! We are now looking for talented Front-end Developers to our Skellefteå office to work with us to create high quality digital experiences for some of the best brands in the world. Get in touch today!

UX-Designer, Skellefteå

North Kingdom is calling out to all UX designers who are looking for a new tribe! UX is one of our four core disciplines and plays a central role in making sure that we design meaningful experiences, products, and services. Be part of our team in Skellefteå, apply today!

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Once upon a time, our office’s building was a bank. Today, we use what used to be its vault as a meeting and workshop room nicknamed “The Bunker.” With its high ceilings, open spaces, and Scandinavian interior design, our office is a perfect example of “mysig” — a cozy and welcoming space where meetings can happen anywhere and creativity can freely flow.

Storgatan 32

931 31 Skellefteå

+46 (0) 8 14 11 11


Working in Stockholm

The capital of Sweden is one of the biggest tech & start-up scenes in Northern Europe - and for good reason. Stockholm offers a unique mix of nature, big city life, and rich culture, with a vibrant creative pulse flowing through it all.

Why is it special?

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North Kingdom nurtures a creative, collaborative atmosphere, where we try to learn something new everyday. At work, you should get inspired, feel safe and free, and share memorable experiences with caring and supportive colleagues.

As part of the NoA family, North Kingdom’s Stockholm office is located in the NoA House at Tulegatan 13. We work alongside fantastic colleagues from fellow NoA agencies such as Åkestam Holst, Making Waves, and Bold. And when cross-agency collaboration is relevant for a project, we always bring out the best in each other while working towards the bigger picture.

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We care about the personal development of our colleagues and support it with the opportunity to attend courses and conferences, among other benefits like great health care, parental leave, and flexible working hours.


Digital Producer, Stockholm

North Kingdom is looking for a new Producer to join the team in Stockholm. You need to be like a Swiss army knife - multi-skilled and sharp and have a passion for people, innovation, and creativity. Get in touch today!

Frontend Developer, Stockholm

We are looking for talented front-end developers to work with us to create high-quality digital experiences for some of the best brands in the world. In your role at North Kingdom you will be responsible for developing technical solutions and delivering clean, performant, standards compliant code.

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We just moved to our new office at Tulegatan 13 together with other brilliant NoA agencies such as Åkestam Holst, Making Waves and Bold. Come visit us!

Tulegatan 13

113 53 Stockholm

+46 (0) 8 14 11 11


Working in Los Angeles

Our LA office is the youngest of the bunch, but it’s also our fastest growing and where we do some of our proudest work. Located in an urban industrial building in the heart & center of Los Angeles, NKLA is always full of energy, laughter, and innovation.

Little Sweden in Los Angeles

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Our culture is one of the things we value most, and what makes North Kingdom a platform for personal growth. We guide and support our next generation of creative kings and queens the North Kingdom way, where all things are possible.

North Kingdom was founded in Sweden and our LA office keeps to the traditions that made us. We remove our shoes at the door and slide into linen slippers to ground ourselves. We never miss a “fika” (with Swedish pastries). And we celebrate all major Swedish holidays. At NKLA, we’ll teach you how to celebrate Midsommar every year like a pro. Maybe you’ll even learn to love pickled herring!

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A California sunset can’t be compared to anything else (…except maybe the Northern Lights in Skellefteå). Join us as we enjoy the view, sip on a cocktail, and round up the end of the week with our fun and informative company-wide Friday meetings.

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NKLA is located in the bLAckwelder creative campus in Culver City, where we’re surrounded by artists and creatives of all kinds. The space is rustic, contemporary, and just minimalistic enough to be perfectly “lagom.”

5792 W. Jefferson Blvd.

90016 Los Angeles

California, USA



Sometimes we eat cookies for breakfast, it’s quite nice - you should try it too! If you don’t know now you know.

Got it!