Build With Chrome

A LEGO® Digital Web App in your browser with Google Chrome

Forget the plastic bins of bricks. Build with Chrome is a digital builder that allows you to build with LEGO bricks anywhere in the world right in your browser on your computer, phone and tablet.

Build with Chrome is a collaboration that we fostered between Google and the LEGO Group, which originally began in 2012 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the LEGO brick. After two years and over a quarter million published builds in Australia and New Zealand, we’re excited to introduce an all new Build with Chrome that has remarkably transformed from a campaign into a full fledge Google owned product.

Today, Build with Chrome is open for the entire world to explore on top of Google Maps, and it’s even accessible on all WebGL enabled phones, tablets, and computers that allows anyone the opportunity to build something awesome.


Playground Rules

Our ambition was to create an experience with a minimal threshold that would be intuitive and fluid for all types of demographics. In order for this to be achieved, it was imperative that the different types of interactions remain relative to the appropriate task at hand. In result, ‘Build with Chrome’ was defined to have two types of modes, Explore and Build, which would help shape the project’s holistic experience.

In order to cope with the number of future builds in the explore mode, we’ve added community functionality through Google+ integration that includes a categorization system to help manage all builds. Additionally, we translated Build into 32 different languages to allow everyone around the world to participate in the Build with Chrome community.


Promoting Further Creation

Now for all the LEGO building enthusiast in the world, we even created a Build Academy to help hone their LEGO skills and prepare them for the upcoming LEGO® MOVIE™. The Build Academy is a series of short tutorials and challenges that feature characters and structures from the film. This allowed us to address specific business objects and create awareness around specific themes and characters from the film, while helping users to improve their building skills while never crossing the advertising line. In order to preserve authentication of these LEGO structures, we worked closely with the LEGO Master Builders themselves from the film to ensure that all challenges respected LEGO’s building rules. In the end, we foresaw the Build Academy as a place where builders can learn new tips and tricks that would inspire people to push their imagination further within the Build world.

Doing it for the Kids

LEGO has fans from all ages, but naturally that includes a predominantly young audience. When working with a product such as this, it’s important that everything be handled with care in order to protect the brand and the public from potential misuse.

"What many people may not see with the current Build with Chrome, or even the previous one is that it required a great deal of attention on how to balance censorship, security, and the client’s brand values. It’s easy to get caught up with what you can do with LEGO, but many people forget it’s a toy company aimed at children and the internet could be disturbing place if you are naive."—Alfredo Aponte

This presented quite a tough challenge, especially when you want freedom and flexibility to be so central. The question is then, what steps can you take to effectively mitigate the potential negative impact on both sides? So, we set up Build with Chrome Global to require Google+ authentication for publishing builds. [This is] because it allowed us to directly associate builds with the builder’s name, allowed us to manage who is building, and ensure that the builder is 13 years and up because Google Accounts requires this to create an account.

In doing so, this allowed us to set up the Build Academy to be open to all and not require Google+ to enjoy Build with Chrome. The Academy allowed us to create a linear story experience in comparison to open freedom that Build with Chrome Global offered.

What will you build?

Build with Chrome is available online and can be found in the Chrome App Store. A project where LEGO fans of all ages can be a part of something awesome by building anything from famous monuments to their own unique creations right in their browser.

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