Google I/O – Build with Chrome Installation

Build with Chrome is a project that has been evolving within North Kingdom for the past 2 years. It has transformed from a local Australian initiative, to a global scale collaboration going beyond the initial objective of showcasing Google Chrome’s capabilities where anyone from everywhere can create and publish online straight from their computer, phone or tablet.

Our challenge for Google I/O was to figure out how to bring a private, digital experience to a public space for everyone to witness, interact, and collaborate with.

Answering this question is what brought the Build With Chrome installation to life. Especially built for the Google I/O conference in San Francisco, the installation had the objective of becoming a conversation starter while at the same time showing the capabilities of Google … and having some fun along the way!


To do that we added 2 extra game mode to the Build with Chrome Experience:

- Challenge mode is a duel to the last brick. Following a set of instructions, 2 contendants battle against each other to finish the build in the shortest possible time.

- Build mode is for the creative types who never stopped loving Legos.  Users are provided with one of four words (House, Spaceship, Robot or Car) and can let their imagination free, building whatever they can imagine.

build mode

Through web RTC both modes were showcased live on 90” LED screens. The challenge mode was transformed in a live match where the views of the two players’ baseplates were combined in the same environment. The audience could not only see the progress of the builds, but also the ghost bricks in real time, almost peeking in the minds of the players to see what their next move was going to be. The build mode on the other hand, featured a real time live gallery, collecting all the published builds in a fictional world and showing a complete perspective on them with dynamic camera movements over the 3D world.

The installation had a floor area of about 16 square meters which included:

- 2 Pixel Chrome computers for the Challenge mode - 2 Pixel Chrome computers for the Build mode - an additional 4 Nexus 7 for the Build mode - 2 90” LED screens