product design

KING Defold

Redesigning Defold’s identity, UX & (online presence).

For whom isn’t familiar with the gamers world, Defold is a free game engine by Candy Crush creator King. Indie developers are the main target group for the platform  which meant that the team started with an initial research work to identify the needs and priorities of such digitally literate users.

A series of interviews were conducted with existing and new users from different disciplines (developers, game designers, artists), followed by a co-creative client workshop aimed at condensing insights and mapping out the entire experience.

Modularity was a keyword that emerged early on in the process and shaped the visual identity and the UX of the engine itself.


The Defold logo embodies modularity and hides multiple meanings. At a first look it’s a cube made of different blocks, recalling a gaming control pad or a plus symbol. In the static version it represent the act of creating something new, but when animated it acquires more attributes and the side spins mimicking a Rubik’s cube.


The middle of the logo pops out almost as an optical illusion forming an hexagon that was used for masking images but also inside the “O” of Defold. Here it resembles a bolt and gives a subtle reference to the engineering and makers world.

The colors are quirky and vibrant, in order to stand out from the other applications normally present in a device. From this, North Kingdom created an iconography that felt playful and clear and that was the base for the development of the tool itself, carried out by King.