product design

Läkerol – Let’s Talk App

Together with the Swedish agency King we created Let’s Talk, an app that sets out to connect Swedish people with refugees and help new arrivals to learn to speak the language.

The challenge, from a visual point of view, was to create a solution that would engage users and properly “frame” the purpose of the app. We decided to adopt an illustrative style and go for a clean and simple UI in order to keep focus on the essential task of the app which is learning and practice swedish.

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For the on boarding process we designed characters that would instruct in how to use the app. After swiping through 3 screens, the users are introduced to the login page which, through Facebook connects, brings users to the profile setup.


There were a lot of technical challenges in this project. Getting cross platform WebRTC video and voice calls working in a very short development time was the first challenge. We knew that we wouldn’t have the time to build our own custom solutions, we had to find some well-tested services to get everything done in time and working on a wide variety of iOS and Android devices. We evaluated different solutions and found TokBox to be a great platform for the WebRTC calls. For handling user persistence, chat messaging and notifications we used PubNub, another great platform.


The app comes in 7 languages, it's free and available to download on the App Store and Google Play. Small Talk can make a big difference. *Note that the app is only available on the Swedish App Store / Google Play.