Netflix – The Flixies

Award shows have one thing in common. They are old. They are judged by the old and they all celebrate and cling on to old technology. Isn't it time for something new. So we thought and created the Flixies, an award to celebrate how we watch Netflix.

But forget everything you know about award shows because the prize will not go to best actress, best screenplay or best make-up. No instead we asked Netflix fans to come up with categories that reflected how they watched the service. So they came up with stuff like "Best Pacifier", "Best Bromance", even "Best PMS drama".

Since we wanted everyone to attend there was no auditorium to fit everone. So we booked a page on Facebook and invited everyone to vote. The results didn't fit inside that page but spilled out in tweets reaching millions, papers like Mashable, Wall Street Journal picking it up and agent calling in to book seats for their clients.