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REI – Opt Outside

For the 2015 Thanksgiving holidays, REI decided to push people towards a more active and outdoor lifestyle by closing all their stores during black Friday, one of the busiest selling moments of the year. North Kingdom helped turn this initiative into a movement by giving its initiative a digital home.
With the #OptOutside campaign people could share this choice on social media by showing how they were celebrating or planning to celebrate their day outdoors. A campaign site was built to aggregate user images and story in two moments:  
  1. Before Black Friday it captured the intention of people who were planning to opt outside.
  2. During Black Friday it hosted a curated feed of images as they were being published on social media.
People in need of inspiration could also find out more about trails and outdoor activities based on their geographical location, so that the site could become a longer lasting tool and source of information. REI_3 During the 2 months of the initiative, more than 1.400.000 people shared their stories, a success that lead REI to transform #OptOutside in a longer lasting conversation about what it means to choose outdoors as a way of living. REI_5 REI_2