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Slasher is the first original series by the American horror channel Chillers. Its launch was the perfect occasion for North Kingdom to create the creepiest/scariest place on the internet.

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Slasher-display   Based on the insight that the most memorable scary experiences are immersive and make people feel part of the story in first person, we came up the idea to create an online place where the series’ murderer would live and could interact with users.  

Do you dare to talk to the Executioner?

  X1--Slasher-mockups X2--Slasher-mockups X3--Slasher-mockups X4--Slasher-mockups Slasher-mockups-DUMP-gallery   It is The Executioner himself that greets the brave users by looking at them straight in the eyes and invites them to ask questions. By doing so, users become increasingly immersed in the Slasher world and get to know more about its secrets… and about the murderer itself.   Insider tip: try to ask the Executioner about his favorite killers. But be careful what you ask, because you might not get out alive…  

Technical Challenge

  To build these conversations, the North Kingdom team created a hierarchical tree structure following the possible conversation topics and worked in collaboration with the client team to write ad-hoc dialogues which were then recorded. A list of popular or random questions is also provided, to give some suggestions on what to ask. Questions can be asked both in written or oral form, using the Web speech API available in Chrome.   Slasher-Conversation-tree   From a technical point of view, the site is completely built in HTML5 and is accessible from desktop, tablet or smartphone. A special attention has been dedicated to sound and 3D audio was used to strengthen the impression so that the impression of being there with the Executioner.  

Visual Challenge

From a design point of view the big challenge was to create an atmosphere that actually was going to feel scary, with a character that we had to build ourself. No film material what so ever was going to be delivered, which gave our 3D artist an opportunity to start creating in ZBrush. When the character has such big impact in the serie we had to treat him with the highest respect.   Slasher-Zbrush manual2   NOTE: The experience was launched on march 16th and will remain available in the US during the airtime of the show.