With more than 200 million online users, many of which access via mobile only, India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and has a huge potential for e-commerce. Since 2012, Google India has promoted the Great Online Shopping Festival to spread online shopping. Similar to Black Friday, it is a 3-day initiative promoting exclusive deals and unmatched offers to push for e-commerce and convert people from online research to purchase.


It was the first time for North Kingdom to collaborate with the Indian market, which required a different approach from a user and technical point of view. There were three insights that  shaped the production for the experience:

Products as heroes. Products were the key element for both the audience and the 450+ retailers participating in the initiative. A successful experience needed to have the products as the main focus. The result was a fast paced game featuring items, so users could discover different ones in a playful way and with an added incentive of winning extra prizes.

Simple UX. We expected a high affluence of visitors, with very different levels of digital proficiency and with mobile devices of diverse performance levels. To ensure the site would hold and that people at their first online purchase wouldn’t be scared off, we opted for a UX as simple as possible.

Small eye candies & features. To please the more experienced internet users, we added a few features to complete the experience. A battle between Indian cities had the double objective of adding a competition element as well as receiving data about the audience composition. A live visualisation of the number of visitors on the site gave the impression that other people were shopping too, making the experience less lonely and more trustworthy.

The initiative was live from November 24th until December 12th and consisted of two main phases. Pre-party was aimed at getting the users as prepared as possible prior the Festival days. The mini game lived here, together with informational content and the opportunity to sign up for an email reminder.

During the Festival days on the other hand, the deals and retailers were the sole protagonists, with the objective of letting users discover the right deals for them in the shortest possible time. For some categories, products were ranked according to popularity to make the search even easier.

14 million people visited during the campaign period. 1+ million gameplays. 8 million visits in the three festival days only, more than 4 times compared to last year’s edition. (Source Google) 350+ press and media mentions about the website and festival with an overwhelming positive response.