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We're proud to have completed several collaborations with LEGO, involving fully-blended teams where our design teams have supported LEGO’s internal departments to make projects come to life in magical ways.

Connecting physical with digital play, through LEGO

We’ve been a global digital transformation partner for LEGO since 2012, helping them evolve their iconic physical bricks company to a LEGO that seamlessly connects physical with digital play and embraces agile, creative development.

Brick by brick

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With LEGO Life, we helped LEGO launch their first fully-digital product — a social network where children can share their creations, take on building challenges, a create a community of friends, including their favorite LEGO characters.

Many of our collaborations have involved fully-blended teams, where our design teams have supported LEGO’s internal departments to make things come to life in a very short time.

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For the lovers of Star Wars, we helped LEGO build a digital platform that empowers children to build unique Star Wars spaceships using the Force.

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The LEGO Force Builder app aims to foster creativity and open-ended play as LEGO Star Wars characters challenge young users with progressively difficult missions and tasks.

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Build With Chrome.

"From brief to development, North Kingdom embraces the responsibility of a trusted partner, rather than just another external production house, ensuring transparency throughout the process..."

Yasin Jensen, LEGO

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