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We're proud to say that Snapchat, a pioneer in using AR-technology and loved by millions of users, have selected us as one of the first global Lens Studio partners for Snapchat. This is the first time parties other than Snapchat are able to create Lenses since the successful launch in 2015.


We’re one of the very first global Lens Studio partners for Snapchat, enabling us to create augmented reality face and world Lenses for brands.

A pioneer within AR entertainment

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Lens Studio makes AR accessible across a greater spectrum of budgets and industries — giving any advertiser the ability to connect with their consumers through the Snapchat camera. In close partnership with Snapchat, North Kingdom has worked with clients such as Amazon, Bulgari, Footlocker and Nike. Among the successful campaigns are the Bacardi x Major Lazer-campaign that gained 42 million views in 24 hours, the Footlocker Unboxing Experience and, most recently, the Nike All For One-campaign.


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