All For One

Nike AF-1

How do we cement the Nike’s Air Force 1 to be a modern-day icon of youth culture in a unique way?

As a part of the Nike Air Force 1 holiday 2018 campaign, we created a Snap Lens that transports users into a gritty ‘Nikeverse’ with the AF1 at the center of it all.


Celebrating a Cultural Icon

Nike-AF1 Cultural-Icon-image

The Air Force 1 has been a ubiquitous force within the sneaker culture since the early 1980s. The love for the sneaker has grown steadily ever since having cemented its place in popular culture with nods from Hip Hop artists and NBA players alike. Since its popularity boom back in the early 2000s with Hip-Hop artist Nelly’s smash-hit “Air Force Ones” its impact found itself reaching far beyond the inner cities and basketball courts that made it famous and catapulted it as a fashion staple to the masses.




Having been exposed to digital media for a majority of their lives, Gen-Z is notoriously tough to engage as a group for brands. They’re quick to call out inauthenticity and tackling their demographic often requires an original approach. Our challenge was to elevate the narrative of the Air Force 1 and connect with consumers in a unique way. By doing so we wanted to create an interactive experience that encourages our demographic to engage with the product and help drive sell-through.


A Statement Piece for the Campaign

Our mission was to create an impactful experience for the sneakerhead community in a space where they regularly interact. We partnered with Nike to create a Snapchat lens that showcased the style and energy that propels Air Force 1. Our vision was to create a monochromatic face lens that allowed users to show their love for the brand by toggling back and forth between Nike’s “All for 1” and “FORCE” language. Tandem to the face lens we created a world lens that sent the user on a journey of discovery into a portal dubbed the ‘Nikeverse’. This 3D AR experience showcased the Triple Black AF-1 while also allowing for user interaction in a way most Nike fans haven’t experienced before.


Ultimately, never-before-seen ways of interacting with a Snap lens always help to drive interest and engagement for target audiences, and this lens was no exception.

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