We’re an award-winning experience design company with studios in Skellefteå, Stockholm, and Los Angeles. We help our clients stand out and make long-lasting impressions by redefining what's possible at the edge of an ever-expanding digital universe.

Why we do it

Since 2003, we’ve been on the frontier of digital innovation. Exploring not only what we can do with technology, but what technology can do for us.

We believe that new value can be created wherever business, people, and technology collide. That’s why we create experiences that aren’t only innovative and immersive, but also address the genuine needs of our clients and end users.

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North Kingdom was founded with a belief in the power of resilient curiosity, playful creativity, and uncompromising craftsmanship.

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In everything we do, our passion for creating excellence through love and teamwork is one of our most prominent driving forces.

"I can honestly say that I've never been to any place that has a higher concentration of ridiculously creative people."

Jeff Voris, former Disney client, now senior VP Global Design Strategies, Marriott
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Our team is a collective of diverse talents from around the world, all sharing the same enthusiasm for solving problems in an ever-changing world. With a multidisciplinary approach, we use design and technology to tell stories that touch the hearts of many and leave long-lasting impressions.

What we do

From concept to execution, we design experiences, products and services that help our clients shape and reach their future vision while creating new meaningful connections between people and brands.

By combining technology with playful creativity and strategic design, we develop digital solutions that make the complex simple and relatable — no matter what medium or platform.

Immersive Experiences

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With our immersive VR experiences, we’re pushing the frontier of just how indistinguishable virtual reality can be from the real world and transporting people to magical new ones.

To be noticed in our increasingly noisy world, it takes more than fancy tech or cool visuals. That's why we always work holistically, using compelling storytelling and intuitive design to make new technologies relatable and meaningful. Whether it’s in the digital, physical, or mixed universe, we create immersive experiences that find a place in people’s hearts and leave long-lasting impressions.


With AR, we transform natural environments by seamlessly blending an extra layer of information over them. While AR is mainly used for entertainment, we’re eager to explore new ways of augmenting reality to design immersive experiences.


The world of gaming has always been close to our hearts. By both helping existing publishers extend their IP's to new platforms as well as develop our own products, we're proud in stating that we've become experts in this area by now.

Products and Services

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With human-centered design, we develop intuitive mobile experiences that help our clients create new connections with their users and become seamlessly integrated into people’s lives.

From concept to execution, we create innovative products and services that stand out for their design craft while fulfilling both business and end user needs. Whether it’s an existing product or service that needs improvement or a fuzzy concept that needs to be more clearly defined, we always deliver beautiful solutions that bring our clients closer to their future vision.

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Need a beautiful and responsive mobile experience? Or a web service for your brand platform, activation, or marketing campaign? Maybe it’s something that can’t even be easily described. Whatever digital product or service you need, we’ve got you covered!


Our products and services are holistically designed to bring your brand to life across every possible touchpoint or extend the customer journey into new territories.

How we do it

As digital pioneers, we’ve sailed off into the unknown countless times, always confident that we’ll discover and execute a beautiful solution. Our fearlessness comes from the setup of our teams and our collaborative creative process.

Leading Strategy

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We love designing and facilitating workshops because we believe in the power of gathering a team to co-create a brief or collaboratively develop a solution to one.

For us, strategy is about making sense of the world today and preparing for what’s to come in the future. Will AI take over? Will screens disappear and information become embedded around us? We help our clients solve strategic challenges with everything from research, product strategy, and user testing to workshops and inspirational lectures.

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Our clients and stakeholders are often invited to be part of the creative conversation with us. Not only to ensure alignment about what we’re trying to solve and how, but also to constantly challenge each other with new perspectives.

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Whether we’re co-creating with our clients or working as an external partner, we look ahead to visualize possible future scenarios, how products or services may evolve, and what the holistic customer journey of the future will look like.

Creative Development

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Over the years, we’ve had the honor of helping some of the world’s biggest brands introduce new technologies such as WebGL, WebRTC, and various forms of AR.

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We use development as a supporting tool for creating the best possible user experiences. This means we’re always open and curious about utilizing any existing or new technologies, even if they’re untested.

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Having worked with all sorts of platforms and technologies, we strongly believe that as long as there’s a strong creative idea, we can always find a way to support it in development.

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Our curious spirit drives us to never stop learning, which ensures that our core competences of web development, animation, and realtime 3D are always as sharp as possible.

World-Class Design

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With a holistic approach to crafting beautiful and immersive designs, our capabilities include UX, information architecture, and design systems…

“Love in every pixel.” That’s how we describe the passion that drives us to consistently deliver designs that stand out for their creative excellence. Our world-class digital craftsmanship has made us global leaders in designing beautiful experiences that make a long-lasting impression in the eyes of the user.

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…together with 3D, character design, and animation…

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Executed with our internal motto of “Love in every pixel..."

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…And tailored around captivating storytelling, the foundation of our most memorable experiences.


And why not combine digital and physical design?

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No one knows exactly what the future will hold but surely enough technology and user behaviours will keep on evolving in a faster and more unexpected way than what we can predict. Only by dedicating enough attention not only to what we create but also to how we do it, we will be able to invent the next generation of products, services and experiences able to weave in seamlessly into people’s lives.


Sometimes we eat cookies for breakfast, it’s quite nice - you should try it too! If you don’t know now you know.

Got it!