product design


Podcasts have been around for a while but no one until Acast had been able to tap into their full potential. Apart from suggesting a new business model, this Swedish startup added a new user experience component by integrating visual material to the medium. After all, why should podcasts be only about listening?

To prepare their upcoming launch in the US market, Acast partnered up with North Kingdom to redesign their mobile app and online presence.

“We are a category-defining platform: redefining and revitalising a space by engaging with producers, consumers, and advertisers, in an altogether new way.”

- Måns Ulvestam, CEO & Co-Founder at Acast

The process

Listeners (current and new), Podcasters and Advertisers were identified as the main types of users, with listeners playing the most significant role.
After further examining the listeners user journey, the “Discovery” function was isolated as the hero moment in the experience, which could determine whether a user would stay Acast or leave. This function was made more prominent in the overall design and basic improvements were carried out, such as showing search results even when the user misspelled the name of a show.

The team also had a look at the overall brand ecosystem, providing strategic recommendations and ensuring consistency between different touch points.

Acast itself was responsible for the development work, so the re-design was carried out by North Kingdom with a template approach. In this way the client could autonomously implement and progressively change the look and feel of their product and platform even after the end of the project.

The collaboration between Acast and North Kingdom continues as we’re helping them shape their next product iteration.

We’re delighted to see the product listed in Wired Magazine’s top start ups 2016.