Cube Slam

A real-time communication game in your browser.

Cube Slam is a video game that you can play face-to-face against your friends. It’s a Chrome Experiment built using WebRTC, an open web technology that lets you video chat right in the browser without installing any plug-ins. That means you can quickly and easily play Cube Slam with your friends, no matter where they are in the world, just by sharing a link.


When we started the project, our objective was clear. We wanted to showcase the capability of WebRTC that makes it easy to communicate with sound and video through the Google Chrome browser and bring it into a game context where users can communicate with each other in real time, face to face, while playing.

We went back and found inspiration from one of the most influential two-player games of mankind: Pong. It's crude simplicity and refined gameplay served as a starting point. But we were also inspired by far more physical stuff — like our own ping-pong table here in the office. The social aspect of knock-out tournaments triggered a lot of ideas in the beginning. Another particular reference that some of you might recognize (and that probably was even more influential than Pong) was the good old Shufflepuck Café created for the Mac in the late '80s.


With all this inspiration in mind, we created a modern version of an old-school arcade game where you can hook up with your friends instantly to have a good time. It was crucial for us to make the experience somehow retro-modern as a tribute to the gaming community.

You can learn more about the technology here, or read this excellent write-up from our lead developer on Cube Slam.

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