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ICP – online presence

Adopting a user centric perspective to reposition ICP online

In 2014 the International Center of Photography came to North Kingdom with a fairly straightforward task: rebuild their website with an expanded list of functionalities.

Looking closer into the ICP offering, it emerged that what was needed was an organisational shift towards a user centric approach which in return lead to a complete restructuring of the site content and how it is accessed and presented. Under all this lays a deeper reflection: in an age when everyone is a photographer with a camera in their pocket, what is the role of a photography institution online?

A collaborative process that took both the client and the North Kingdom team through a complete re-mapping of content according to the most significant user scenarios and personas.

The result includes a new website, graphic guidelines and in general and overall online strategy which lifts the most engaging content and connects different back end systems to provide an experience which is as seamless as possible.

The visual identity privileges the black and white in order to leave the center stage to photographies, the real hero of the site, but with an accent of green creating a lively, modern and distinct feeling.

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