experience design

LEGO® Star Wars™ Force Builder

Force Builder - A platform for creative play in the LEGO Star Wars universe.

”Master your force” is an umbrella tagline for LEGO Star Wars to put focus on creative play with kids. By empowering kids to build anything in the LEGO Star Wars galaxy, they are encouraged to use the force (a metaphor for creativity) to become better LEGO builders while also further developing their creative skills. 


A long term digital platform 

Our task was to create a long term digital platform to empower kids to user their force and connect on a deeper level with the LEGO Star Wars universe. The experience puts emphasis on not only the personal building experience but also the pride of creation and sharing it with an audience.

Empowering the user 

Force Builder allows kids to build Star Wars spaceships with LEGO using the force. The app is composed of different sections that all stimulates open ended role play. It is designed in a way to empower the user to be in control of every step in the creative process, learning through trial and error how building decisions affect the performance of their ship.

Digital transformation

This is one of the first platforms we have launched to help LEGO with their digital transformation. The ambition is to take the joy of building and pride of creation into the 21st century so kids of today and tomorrow can create and share with an even larger audience. 

Download the app here