LG Good News

Last October Y&R New York came to us with an intriguing proposition. They wanted to make a digital billboard for LG Electronics in Times Square – but not just any billboard, an interactive billboard with a digital creature living on it. The idea was that this creature would be fed on Good News (because, as LG tells us, “Life’s Good”).


We only had until about 8 weeks (2 weeks R&D, 6 weeks production). We would have to create a robust solution, integrating with external sources of “Good News” including an SMS service and building a CMS allowing for real-time moderation, as well as design a 3D character.

The character would need to feel really “alive”, requiring hundreds of animations. The system would also need to be flexible enough for us to expand it in the following 2 years, and the design and interaction design would need to be carefully thought through to attract attention in the clutter of Times Square.

Also, the board was huge – and had a curve in the middle, which was another challenge for the design team.