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We've been working closely with EF on multiple projects on a strategic, conceptual, and production level – exploring the future of education.

Going back to school with Education First

EF is a world leader in international education across a variety of markets and age groups, offering everything from educational trips, professional training, and language schools.

Helping young students in Asia

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Small Stars, education series.

EF reached out to us with the very interesting challenge of creating educational material for some of their youngest students in Asia, from 3 to 6 years old. As a creative and design partner, our team worked with everything from concept and character development, storytelling, 3D animation and production, SFX, and soundtrack production. The adventures of Kev, Mel, Vic, and Rod can be seen in EF’s schools in China, Russia, and Indonesia. We’re currently exploring how to share these adorable characters outside of the classroom, while also working on multiple other projects on a strategic, conceptual, and production level.

“They say that any sufficiently advanced technology might be regarded as magic. And over the years I have learned that the same principle holds true for creativity. The proof is the team at North Kingdom; they are absolute magicians"

Joel Hladecek, Worldwide Creative Officer, EF

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