Mojang, which was founded in 2009, is the company behind iconic games such as Minecraft. We kicked off our collaboration by helping them establish an innovative, unique and entertaining social media presence - and has since evolved.


Our relationship with Mojang began in 2017, and has since grown into several successful experiences, focusing on Minecraft’s product and brand campaigns.


The first campaign we worked on, Better Together, was released to promote the cross-platform Minecraft game between Nintendo Switch and Xbox. It promotes collaboration over competition of platforms, which resonates well with North Kingdom’s spirit. The second campaign, Minecraft Classic, celebrates the 10 year anniversary by bringing back the original game, including the iconic 32 blocks and technical bugs from back in 2009. The classic game is accessible for free online - opening up the endless possibilities of Minecraft to the world. Over the years our relationship with Mojang has evolved to initiatives closer to the Minecraft product and brand, an example of how our client relations are conversations in constant evolution aimed at addressing a constantly evolving set of client and end-user needs.


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