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Building cultural bridges

How do you use design and creativity to make language learning fun for the next generation?


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For over 50 years, EF has been bringing people together through language learning, in a global classroom. EF believes that, by encouraging collaboration, it can help tackle global problems. And collaboration requires communication. So why not start with our future leaders?

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A big aid in learning a new language is the visualization of it - and the creativity surrounding it. One of the great challenges of building a language program is illustrating everything you teach, and more importantly for a young demographic, in a fun and exciting way. Most education providers use stock imagery - but EF aren’t like the rest of the bunch.


Therefore, EF, together with North Kingdom, created EF Small Stars, a digital program that gives 3-to-6 year olds a fun way to learn a new language. Our ambition was to create a world in which kids could learn in a creative way. We started off by redesigning our characters, then we illustrated over 1500 concepts and created 360 learning platform with interactive puppets. To immerse kids even more, we developed the characters and their world in 3D, and created an animated series with 30 episodes. To top it off, we printed learning material and created physical editions out of our beloved characters Ben, Kev, Roddy, Mel & ZAP. We did everything to invent a fantastic journey for young learners.

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EF’s Small Stars is a creative, digital language education that opens pathways of communication for the next generation.

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