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China Joy is one of the world’s largest gaming conferences. How do we make a splash in an already crowded space?

Leveraging the relaunched HP Omen branding by Wieden+Kennedy, we created an unforgettable interactive and visual experience for the HP Omen booth at China Joy.


Representing Gamefulness

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The Gamewaves Booth

Research has proven that gamers have better coordination, decision making, teamwork, and so much more. The relaunch of HP Omen’s branding centers around these core pillars, and establish a concept of “gamefulness.” Wieden+Kennedy approached North Kingdom about how to best bring gamefulness to life at China Joy. Together, we created the interactive installation, “Gamewaves”, and designed the construction of the booth itself.

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VR Booth Design


PUBG Gaming Station



Oh, and also the giant floating brains.


Our two-part challenge begins with “Gamewaves: An interactive music-video of the mind.” Our goal was to utilize EEG readers to capture gamers brainwaves while they game. We then analyzed the data to determine their performance in each of the pillars of gamefulness. This data then fed through a backend to drive all of the visuals above each gamer, and on the massive LED walls.

Attendees would step up to test their Gamefulness by placing on a brain helmet we designed, and play a round of Overwatch or League of Legends. At the end, they received a personal shareable graphic via a WeChat application, showcasing how they performed.

Part two of our challenge was in designing the booth itself. Our 3D team worked closely with Wieden+Kennedy, and the manufacturing partners to bring to life a gorgeous, color-drenched booth unlike any other. The de-facto statement pieces being the giant floating brain hanging above the Gamewaves booth, and the two glass brains off to the side.


A booth and interactive installation that made waves at China Joy. Setting a new standard for creative achievements at gaming conferences.

Within a short timeframe, we worked hard to create “Gamewaves” and bring to life the HP Omen booth. And ultimately, the photos from the event speaking for themselves. A constantly packed booth, with a never-ending line for the Gamewaves installation – with the booth attendance peaking in an epic showdown of League of Legends pros with the Gamewaves visualizer. Hundreds of attendees packing in to see the pros, and see the results of how true professionals game.


Custom looping animations


Weeks from start to finish.


Attendees at China Joy 2019


EEG Readers


Brain helmets

Once again, leaping off into the unknown has set a new standard of excellence, both for ourselves and for gaming conferences – and helped illuminate the raw data within the minds of the most gameful players.

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