JetBlue AR

JetBlue, Mullen Lowe

How do we bring the fun, the aesthetic, and the personality of JetBlue to an experiential moment meant to drive awareness?

For a few hundred lucky individuals, we crafted the AR installation “OntARio to NYC.” An experiential piece for users to explore an interactive New York City within sunny Victoria Gardens.


NYC is Closer Than You Think

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Ontario International Airport sits nearly an hour and a half from LAX for most travelers. In the past, JetBlue had operated a route out of the airport, but had ceased operating the route. Due to an influx of interest in a route to NYC from the surrounding community, JetBlue decided to bring the route back, reopening a direct flight to and from the big apple.


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Scenes animate into view like a storybook.

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JetBlue and Mullen Lowe tasked us with bringing New York to life for a three-day AR installation within Ontario’s “Victoria Gardens.”

Participants should be able to discover the installation just by going to the event location, and then understand how to navigate and experience it without help, and with any device.

Additionally, for a few lucky participants, JetBlue supplied tickets to New York itself.

Creating a universal interactive AR installation comes with a host of challenges large and small. How do we keep participants engaged? If the participant is with a friend, will they have the same experience of the installation?


We created a wholly unique AR installation that brought the big apple itself to a small community within Southern California.

Creatively, our task was to bring NYC to life for the participant. We illustrated and animated 8 classic New York scenes that users could discover and interact with on location. In between each scene, taxis, subways, pizza, and planes would appear, crafting a fully New York-esque vibe. In development, we discovered early on that geo-locating AR sets to the same location for all users would prove to be our biggest challenge, and one we felt would elevate the collective user experience. We were able to tackle the geo-location challenge with a combination of native GPS, tracking distance moved, and tracking time. The event itself was a massive success, with hundreds of participants showing up organically to experience the installation, while also turning over stones for a chance to go to New York itself. With an average user engagement period of 34 minutes, participants truly spent an afternoon on the streets of New York.


New technologies will always drive engagement, regardless of the demographic. We found participants were more energized and connected to the experience with JetBlue at the helm, bringing positive development and change to their community.

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