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Oreo - AR Innovation

Celebrating a century of success.

Since first gracing our cupboards in 1912, the Oreo has been the cookie of choice for America. To commemorate 100 years of popularity, Mondelez International unveiled an Oreo rebrand to celebrate the cookie’s digital presence.


Highlighting everyone’s favorite part

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This rebrand kicked off with a 30-day sweepstakes, highlighting everyone’s favorite part of the cookie: the stuf inside. In partnership with The Martin Agency and Hello World, we were tasked with creating a web-based AR sweepstakes, in which users scan Oreos to reveal prizes within the stuf inside.

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Our goal was to create a lightweight web-app that introduced the Oreo rebrand to consumers in the US and Canada. As excited as we were to bring AR to a wide audience, we knew early on that success relied on unmapped technical considerations. For the sake of inclusiveness, we could not depend solely on the nascent capabilities of mobile AR. Instead, we had to cast a wider, smarter net.

Thanks to the power of WebGL, we were able to deliver an AR experience to a broad range of devices on any bandwidth. To maximize reach, we progressively enhanced the web-app, adding more complex AR features to accompany the most powerful devices.

Integral to the experience was the act of scanning an Oreo cookie to unlock the AR prize reveal. We utilized machine learning with tensorflow to train an algorithm to recognize the embossment of a variety of Oreo cookies. This model had an accuracy of over 99%—strong enough to not be fooled by an Oreo look-alike, flexible enough to not impede the user experience.

The 30 day sweepstakes featured 28 unique prizes. One of our biggest challenges was creating lightweight 3D assets for each prize. So, we modelled and optimized low-poly 3D models to ensure a performant experience on slower bandwidths.


Celebrating the heritage of Oreo

Over the course of the month long sweepstakes, one million users visited the site. Users averaged over a minute and 20 seconds of website use and won thousands of prizes. We are excited to say Oreo has entered 2019 with a splash.

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