The Unboxing Experience


How do you transform the unboxing experience exclusively from influencers to anyone with a sneaker interest?

We teamed up with BBDO New York to create the first ever AR unboxing experience on Snapchat.


For the sneakerheads


The love for sneakers has grown steadily since the 1980s. Emerging from a rising hip hop culture, and sports superstars of the time such as basketball pro Michael Jordan, the shoes transformed from a solely functionality focus to becoming part of a lifestyle. Today, sneakers has grown into a multi-million dollar industry, lead forward by the sneaker collectors, or sneakerheads as they are called.




In the sneakerhead community you can find successful influencers, that receives sneakers before they are released on the mass market as a promotion activity by brands. The influencers often show the brand new sneakers in unboxing videos posted on social media and video platforms. Unboxing videos are the unpacking of products, usually displayed on YouTube, and is commonly used as promo within sneakers, tech, beauty and toys communities. Unboxing is somewhat of a privileged experience though, as the soon-to-be-released products are usually only reserved for the influencers that have a big social media following. Therefore, BBDO NY and Foot Locker came to us with the question - how do we democratize the unboxing experience?

"A first-of-its-kind Snapchat lens."

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In an effort to democratize the unboxing phenomenon, we wanted a digital and free experience.

We wanted the idea to play on the joy of upcoming sneaker releases, and easily be found in a context where the sneakerheads would already interact. This sparked us, together with BBDO NY, to the idea of creating the first ever AR unboxing experience in Snapchat. This way, thousands of Foot Locker fans could discover the much awaited Nike Gatorade Air Jordan 1s before they hit the stores. The mission was to make a big impact by creating an innovative and engaging Snapchat World Lens experience. Working closely with BBDO NY on the creative part, and pushing the boundaries of the Lens Studio, we achieved the mission. In the end, the user could inspect the sneakers in detail, and in high quality, before they dropped in the stores. The Snapchat Lens also invited users to “take them for a walk” – and even dance – around their living room, and explore their surroundings looking for hidden extras like a basketball hoop or kick the vending machine to get Gatorades bottle.


Length of average play time.


Amount of lens views.


Increased length, compared to the average Snapchat lens.
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By tapping into the unboxing phenomenon a product demo turned into a highly shareable experience that is rooted in sneaker culture, and on a platform that the target audience loves.

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